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Can I water outdoor flowers with used bath water?

My area is under water restrictions. I have petunias and impatiens in my yard. Would it be ok to use the water from my baby%26#039;s bath on them? It has a little Johnson%26#039;s baby shampoo in it. I am trying to be creative in order to save my gardening from dehydration and certain death!

Can I water outdoor flowers with used bath water?
Definitely. If you use biodegradeable laundry detergent, you can use your washing machine water too. Just keep an eye on the ph (you can get a kit from nursery and hardware stores cheap) and test the soils every now and then. If the flowers start to look a little sick check it too. If it is too alkaline, just use some manure. If it is too alkaline, just add some garden lime. Sometimes, having soaps and detergents in the water help to keep moisture in the soil as well. Definitely don%26#039;t use kitchen water though, as the oils will ruin your soil.
Reply:Yes. However, sorry to disagree with you Don, but bath and laundry water is probably not best on your vegetables. The salts (alkaline) from the soaps and detergents can actually turn your soil against the acidity that vegies crave.

But on most of your flowering plants you shouldn%26#039;t need to worry.
Reply:I used to do that before we got rain barrells. You can also put five gallon buckets in there when you take a shower. You%26#039;d be amazed how quickly they fill up!
Reply:Sure you can. You can even water your vegetables with it. The soap may help with insect control.
Reply:Good luck...both petunias and impatiens like plenty of water. If this is a frequent problem, try planting more %26quot;drought tolerant%26quot; flowers. However, to answer your question, go ahead and use the bath water. Also, water from the washing machine if not too soapy. Try putting the bath tub plug in while you%26#039;re taking a shower so you can re-use that water too.
Reply:It depends on where you are, but for the most part gray water (what flows through your drains) is illegal to use on landscapes. This isn%26#039;t to say that people don%26#039;t do it, I have a professor that does, but he has a special system he installed to ensure it works correctly and prevents sewage water from backing through into the system. You can use your baby%26#039;s bath water, as long as the detergents you use for the shampoo/soap/bubbles is biodegradable and contains no added chemicals. So, the stuff you would buy at a co-op (read the label).

Also, you may want to consider other alternative strategies to deal with the water restriction. Such strategies as providing shade, using drip irrigation, and irrigation strategies (such as performing efficiency tests on your watering practices whether by underground or hand to ensure you don%26#039;t overwater.

If I didn%26#039;t quite answer your question or you want to know more, let me know, this is off the top of my head, but if I dig into my resources, I could probably find you a better explanation. Good luck!
Reply:yes, just make sure it%26#039;s room temperature and its clean water.
Reply:I think that%26#039;s a great idea! The soap won%26#039;t hurt anything. Sometimes I use a little soapy water to get rid of bugs. (Just don%26#039;t throw out the baby with the bath water!:)

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Natural art baby photographer?

Does anyone know the name of this woman photographer who takes photos of babies painted and dressed like natural things? For example, one of her more famous pictures is of a few babies (sleeping) dressed in little green outfits in a big pea pod. She%26#039;ll also dress them up as flower petals, ladybugs, etc. She has a lot of photography books published, but I can%26#039;t remember her name or what the books are called.

Natural art baby photographer?
That sounds like Ann Geddes.

Reply:Anne Geddes


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I had a baby in June this year and i want to get a lower back tattoo with his name in it some where?

Id also like a frangipani to be in the middle of the design. Anyway my question is...... Can anyone help out with a design... it has to Have my babies name in it... Tyler Jay and also frangipani%26#039;s as there my favourite flower.... if any ones got a good design please send it to me at

any suggestions would be good.. thanks

I had a baby in June this year and i want to get a lower back tattoo with his name in it some where?
WOW -- so many close-minded answers already!

First off, if you want a %26quot;lower back tattoo%26quot; in honor of your child, that is your business. Do not listen to people that consider it a %26quot;tramp stamp%26quot; - pure ignorance.

Do you have an artist in mind that could help you? Are you considering having more children? If so, you might want a design that you could add additional names to.

I am meeting with my artist next Wednesday. I will ask him about some suggestions for you and let you know ASAP.

Feel free to email me as well:
Reply:Tattoos are gross

Don%26#039;t ruin your body by having any
Reply:Please consider changing the location of the tattoo.
Reply:Get the tattoo wherever you want. I have a tattoo on my lower back and love it.. I%26#039;m also not a tramp...

People that call them tramp stamps are generally people who are just jealous they don%26#039;t have a good enough body to let that area show.
Reply:i know everyone says this but please don%26#039;t get it on your lower back (tramp stamp and its true). get it maybe on the nape of your neck or the sole of your foot would be interesting. maybe get the flower or just the name behind your ear. get it in a place where you keep clean or else it%26#039;ll get infected. be sure to make it a little discreet or people will question or assume it was an ex boyfriend and even though its not a tramp stamp, it%26#039;ll imply it.
Reply:Wow, yahoo really is full of closed minded morons, why bother answering if you have nothing but criticism? Get a life.

On to your question. Go to a tattoo artists, one you%26#039;ve researched well, and know they do good work, then give them your idea. Any good tattoo artist will be able to draw something up based on what you want, it%26#039;s part of their job.
Reply:Dont torture the poor baby!
Reply:my moms friend laurie has an adorable tat for her kids and grandkids. her name is in a sun and below is a little devil for each of her kids and a little angel for each of her grandkids. If you plan on having more kids maybe have a flower for each child with their name in the petals. maybe have some sort of vine with the flowers growing from it. it will be pretty and dainty, have a meaning, and you would have no problem keeping the flow going if you have more children.
Reply:did you know if you get a tattoo you might get cancer.
Reply:your momma has tattoo of u on her ***.... thats how kids will tease at your son when grows up..
Reply:Such a bad idea. Do you think you husband wants to see his childs name if you guys are doing the deed. Pretty sure that would be a no..

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Urine good for flowers?

Ok I know this is a strange question. My local flower grower suggested putting diapers in the bottom of my pots to hold moisture during the hot summer months. My father-in-law suggested that since I have small babies - urine soaked diapers would work better. He said urea is good for plants. Anyone heard of this???

Urine good for flowers?
I can tell you if you consistantly pee on a plant it will die.

All of the plants and grass that my dogs pee on consistantly....are dead.

The acid in the urine is too strong for repeated exposure.
Reply:I have heard that there are little crystals in diapers that absorb water and some gardeners open a CLEAN diaper and mix the crystals in the soil.

I line outdoor containers with landscape fabric and mix in the horitcultural water retaining crystals (from garden centre) with the soil.

Re: urine, check out the lawns where dogs urinate. It turns yellow. I don%26#039;t recommend it.
Reply:urea is. urine is not. Urine has urea in it, but there is more in it than just urea.

The diapers contain a polymer that absorbs moisture. It can be wicked out as the soil above it as it dries.

just cut a little patch out to cover the bottom of the pot. put your soil on top of it.

.. and stop listening to your father-in-law.
Reply:I havent heard of that, but i piss in my bushes all the time when i%26#039;m out drinking beer and they%26#039;re doing fine. Wow. Imagine what a crap-diaper buried under a plant would do.
Reply:Urea is good for plants, but not in high concentrations. You can pee in your garden but I wouldn%26#039;t suggest placing urine in a flowerpot cause it might burn the roots, and also it will smell up th house.
Reply:No way, urine is too acidic, the ph balance would be bad-especially for flowers. Human waste and dog and cat waste is bad for plants. Only cow manure is good fertilizer and that still needs to be mixed with soil. I have heard that plants thrive on beer, though.
Reply:Not urine just clean diapers, Gheesh ! your father-in-law sounds weird ! Because men pee outside while they are working !
Reply:This I have never heard of, but it sounds plausable.
Reply:no the stuff we humans eat and drink will kill the plants.
Reply:i think the diapers are more to keep moisture in the soil.small amounts of urine has a lot of nitrogen.
Reply:I had never heard of this eather! hope it helps!


Urine has applications in gardening and agriculture as a fertilizer. Gardeners often recommend a dilution of 10-15 parts water to one of urine for application to pot plants and flower beds during the growing season; pure urine can chemically burn the roots of some species. Urine typically contains more than 50% of the nitrogen and phosphorus and potassium content of whole sewage, and is widely considered as good as or better than commercially-available chemical fertilisers or stabilised sludge from sewage plants. Urine is also used in composting to increase the nitrogen content of the mulch, accelerating the composting process and increasing its final nutrient values.

Urine is also being actively considered as a fertilizer for use in food-crop agriculture in developed countries. Studies into its feasibility and safety usually indicate that it is an acceptable alternative to chemical fertilisers and stabilised sludge. However, the technology to implement its use on a large scale has not been developed, and is considered too expensive. There are also concerns over its safety regarding the potential for transmitting infectious disease and refluxing xenobiotic compounds (associated with toilet-cleaning products and prescribed drugs expelled in urine) in the human food chain. Proponents of adopting urine for this use usually claim the risks to be negligible or acceptable, and point out that sewage causes more environmental problems when it is treated and disposed of compared with when it is used as a resource. Critics generally agree that more research is needed into how the resource is to be collected, processed and handled.

A few people use urine as a crop fertilizer. These include organic farming cooperatives and eco-villages where special urine-diverting toilets with collecting tanks are installed. Many of these also employ concepts such as greywater irrigation and the composting of fecal matter. Many are the subject on ongoing feasibility studies sanctioned by governments and private organisations. These people generally reject safety concerns over its use on food crops provided that it is used with common sense. For example, application to fruit trees is considered safer than to bushes and especially root crops. It is also considered sensible to cease application at a safe interval before harvesting. However, the use of urine for this purpose is even rarer than its use on ornamental gardens.

In developing countries, the application of pure urine to crops is also rare. However, whole, untreated sewage, termed night soil, is often applied to crops and is considered essential. It is worth noting that this practice is not new and has been applied, along with crop rotation schemes, for thousands of years.

In Japan, urine used to be sold to farmers who would process it into fertilizers.
Reply:Yes, there are well-known gardeners who profess to having a mix of urine and baby shampoo and several other things to help your lawns and trees. I don%26#039;t know if it is to be used on flowering plants. But, you don%26#039;t want to pee directly on the plants. Below is a recipe by Jerry Baker.

Thanksgiving is only a few days away, and we’re in the midst of preparations. But no matter how busy I get with holiday plans, I always make sure to get a little “outdoor chore” time in. Last weekend was time for the final installment of my fall lawn feeding program. I mixed 1/2 can of beer, 1/2 cup of apple juice, 1/2 cup of Gatorade®, 1/2 cup of urine, 1/2 cup of fish emulsion, 1/2 cup of ammonia, 1/2 cup of regular cola, and 1/2 cup of baby shampoo in a large bucket, poured it into a 20 gallon hose-end sprayer, and gave my lawn a good, healthy dose.
Reply:Urine does contain urea, which can help, but it also contains uric acid which can burn your plants. That is why where a dog pees it will burn the grass. After the pee dilutes down, then you notice the grass growing like crazy there and being really dark green, that is due to the nitrogen in urea.

It%26#039;s kind of like fertilizer. Put too much of it on and you burn the grass or plant. But if it is diluted down or given in the right helps. Urine could help...but it needs diluted down so it doesn%26#039;t burn the plants.

So if your dog ever pees on your yard...water that spot and dilute it down so the urine doesn%26#039;t burn your grass.


Favorite line from a song?

My 2 favorites are %26quot;I do all the pleasing with you, it%26#039;s so hard to reason with you.%26quot; From the song Please Please Me by the Beatles and %26quot;When the garden%26#039;s flowers, baby, are dead Yes, and your mind, your mind is so full of red%26quot; from Somebody To Love by Jefferson Airplane

Favorite line from a song?
You cant sleep, you cant eat, theres no doubt, you%26#039;re in deep

your throat is tight, you cant breathe

Another kiss is all you need

(Addicted to Love)
Reply:If your body matches what your eyes can do, you%26#039;ll probably move right through me. Paralyzer by Finger 11
Reply:The Doors - When the Musics over

%26quot;Before I sink, Into the big sleep

I want to hear, I want to hear

The scream of the butterfly%26quot;


Alice In Chains - I can%26#039;t Remember

%26quot;scuse the tude but I havent eaten today%26quot;
Reply:%26quot;You all can suck my d*ck and f*cking like it%26quot; Korn-%26quot;*****%26quot;
Reply:Well You probably won%26#039;t like it, but here it is

%26quot;My heart is black and MY lips are cold, cities on flame with rock and roll%26quot;

From: Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll by Blue Oyster Cult
Reply:But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao,

You ain%26#039;t going to make it with anyone anyhow.%26quot;

- The Beatles, %26quot;Revolution%26quot;
Reply:%26quot;She%26#039;s got eyes of the bluest skies

As if they thought of rain

I hate to look into those eyes

And see an ounce of pain %26quot;

From Sweet Child O%26#039; Mine by Guns N Roses

I love the lyrics, makes me think of my girlfriend.
Reply:This is a BRILLIANT question!!!Oh My God there are so many!

The classic %26#039;Scuse me while I kiss the sky!%26#039; Purple Haze

There are so many Doors ones!

Waiting for the sun -%26#039;At first flash of Eden, we race down to the sea. Standing there on freedoms shores%26#039;

Hyacinth House

%26#039;What are they doing in the Hyacinth House, to please the lions, this day%26#039;

The End

%26#039;This is the end, beautiful friend. This is the end, my only friend, the end. Of our elaborate plans the end, of everything that%26#039;s stands the end, I%26#039;ll never look inot your eyes, again%26#039;

When The Music%26#039;s Over

Before I sink into the big sleep,

I want to hear, I want to hear

The scream of the butterfly.


What have they done to the Earth, yeah

What have they done to our fair sister?

Ravaged and plundered and ripped her and bit her

Stuck her with knives in the side of the dawn,

And tied her with fences and dragged her down.

The Crystal Ship

%26#039;Her days are bright, and filled with pain,

Enclose me in your gentle rain%26#039;


The Crystal Ship, is being filled,

A thousand girls, a thousand thrills,

A million ways to spend your time, when we get back, I%26#039;ll drop a line.%26#039;

All that you touch,

All that you see,

All that you taste

All you feel.


All that is now

All that is gone

All thats to come

And everything under the sun is in tune

But the sun is eclipsed by the moon.

%26#039;Sitting on a cornflake,

Waiting for the band to come%26#039;

%26#039;%26#039;Hey baby, where do you, comin%26#039; from%26#039;

Well she looked at me and smiled,

And looked into space

And said, %26#039;I%26#039;m comin%26#039; from the land of a new rising sun%26#039;

Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)

There%26#039;s way more but I think I wrote too much already!
Reply:I love this one from Rush%26#039;s %26quot;Natural Science%26quot;:

Art as expression ---

Not as market campaigns

Will still capture our imaginations

Given the same

State of integrity

It will surely help us along
Reply:Great question!

For Humor I have 2..

%26quot; Sitting on a cornflake%26quot; - I am the Walrus , The Beatles

%26quot; As she abused the sausage patty she said why don%26#039;t you treat me mean%26quot;- Saint Alphonso%26#039;s Pancake Breakfast, Frank Zappa

For serious..

%26quot; You run and you run to catch up with the sun but it%26#039;s sinking. Racing around to come up bhind you again. The sun is the same in a relative way but your older. Shorter of breath and one day closer to death%26quot;.- Time, Pink floyd
Reply:This has been my favorite for a long time now....

From the song %26quot;Ride the Wings of Pestilence%26quot; by From First to Last

I%26#039;ve been dreaming about you

in a pool of your own blood

with your eyes gouged out

by the work of my thumbs

the scent of your insides

from under the floorboards

the perfect perfume

for settling a score.
Reply:I love the lyrics:

%26quot;Next time I see you I%26#039;m giving you a high five.

Cuz hugs are overated just FYI%26quot;

from the song S.O.S. by Jonas Brothers. I think those lyrics are so funny!
Reply:%26quot;I%26#039;ve seen a million faces, and I%26#039;ve rocked them all%26quot;...Bon Jovi of course...
Reply:I love this one :~

Jethro Tull ~ Mother Goose

%26quot;And a foreign student said to me Is it really true, there are elephants and lions too in Piccadilly Circus?%26quot;

The imagery that comes to mind is great!
Reply:%26quot;i only wish i had the strength to let it flow%26quot; from Cant Fight This Feeling by REO Speedwagon, or %26quot;You could have a steam train, roling up and down or around the tracks%26quot; from Peter Gabriel%26#039;s Sledgehammer...
Reply:This two lines come from the song Always by Saliva:

%26quot;I love you I hate you%26quot;

%26quot;Am I the reason you breathe or am I the reason you cry%26quot;

This line come from the song %26quot;Cold But I%26#039;m Still Here%26quot; by Evans Blue:

%26quot;Just remember that when I touch you, the more you shake, the more you give away%26quot;
Reply:Hard to pick one line, so I won%26#039;t even try!

The entire song, %26quot;Cryin%26quot; by Aerosmith is loaded:

Our love, sweet love, aint love til you give your heart away...


Now there%26#039;s not even breathin%26#039; room

Between pleasure and pain

Yea, you cry when we%26#039;re makin love

Must be one and the same


...if our love goes up in flames

its a fire I can%26#039;t resist

Reply:I have quite a few, but to list a few:

The Amity Affliction; Cornerstone of Misery:

%26quot;If I had a million last words to tell you how you%26#039;ve made me feel; they could never be adequate%26quot;

Mourning Tide; Chew on You:

%26quot;I%26#039;d take your place in hell; you mean the world to me. You rock my world.%26quot;

Brand New; Jude Law and the Semester Abroad:

%26quot;And even if her plane crashes tonight she%26#039;ll find some way to dissapoint me, by not burning in the wreckage; or drowning at the bottom of the sea.%26quot;

I%26#039;ll leave it there or else I%26#039;ll keep rambling, LOL.
Reply:i LOVE the first one. ummm,

i also like, from hannah montann%26#039;s cd

%26#039;i knew there was more than cemestry. i mean i knew you were kinda in2 me, i just figured it was just to good to be true%26#039;

Reply:Bite your tongue and smile

Like every mother does her ugly child


Turn on Me

the Shins(the bestest band in the entire universe)
Reply:1. If there%26#039;s a bustle in your hedgegrow, don%26#039;t be alarmed now, it%26#039;s just a spring clean fro the May queen-Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin)

2. Hear the Rime of The Ancient Mariner see his eyes as he stops one of three-Rime of The Ancient Mariner (Iron Maiden)
Reply:And in the end the love you take, is equal to the love you make.

Artists: The Beatles

Song: %26quot;The End%26quot;

Album: Abbey Road
Reply:ooh that%26#039;s hard. i would have to say %26quot;And now you%26#039;re gone and I was wrong. I never knew what if felt like to be alone. On a Valentine%26#039;s Day%26quot;-Valentine%26#039;s Day by Linkin Park. the first time i heard it, i started crying hard
Reply:....the town is searchin%26#039; for us everywhere, but we never will be found! The band on the run, the band on the run..

Band On The Run by Paul McCartney and Wings.
Reply:Hold fast to your friends

Be true to yourself

And stop trying to be just like somebody else

From Play It Loud by MXPX


Pools of sorrow waves of joy are drifting through my open mind possessing and caressing me.

From Across the Universe by The Beatles ♥
Reply:pink floyd%26#039;s run like hell---they%26#039;re gonna send you back to mother in a cardboard box you better run....

pink floyd%26#039;s us and them-up and down

but in the end it%26#039;s only round and round

havent you heard its a battle of words

the poster bearer cried

listen son,said the man with the gun

there%26#039;s room for you inside.
Reply:Mine would be from:

A day to Remembers song %26quot;Show %26#039;em the ropes%26quot;

%26quot;Who needs enemies? You%26#039;ve got friends%26quot;
Reply:Rise up. Gather round, rock this place to the ground. Burn it up! lets go for brokes, watch the night go up in smoke, ROCK ON! No serenade, no fire brigade, just the pyromania!

-Def Leppard, Rock of Ages


Juliet loves the beast and the lust it comands, drop the dagger and lather the blood on your hands, Romeo!

-My Chemical Romance, This is how i disapper
Reply:I can%26#039;t pick just one :0)

%26quot;You don%26#039;t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows%26quot;

- Bob Dylan, Subterranean Homesick Blues

%26quot;Immerse you soul in love%26quot;

- Radiohead, Street Spirit

%26quot;Everything under the sun is in tune, but the sun is eclipsed by the moon%26quot;

- Pink Floyd, Eclipse
Reply:Tool---its called Hush

%26quot;i can i say what to even if i am not serious%26quot;

Metallica---St. Anger

%26quot;**** it all i have no regreates i hit the lights on the darks steps i needs a voice to let my self go free%26quot;

Incubus---- Drive

%26quot;What ever tomarrow brings i%26#039;ll be there%26quot;
Reply:my favorite line would be the question to everyone%26#039;s answer can usually be asked from within in the song jungle love by steve miller


What type of products would you buy or bought?

If you were to buy products or have bought products online; What were they...Example..Gift Baskets, Clothing, Flowers, Baby Shower or Bridal Gifts..I%26#039;m looking into opening a online business and I wanted to know what are the consumers looking for.

What type of products would you buy or bought?
All of the above. How will you differentiate yourself from the other million or so online stores?
Reply:I would buy consumable staple nonperishable products ie. toilet tissue, paper towels, cotton balls, sanitary napkins, disposable razors.
Reply:If my mind were anywhere near accurate enough to remember everything I have bought online there wouldn%26#039;t be enough characters allowed on this input box to list them all.
Reply:I myself am an Ebayer...buying stuff I can%26#039;t find in a store. Buying in a store is easier b/c you can see what you are getting AT THAT MOMENT. Doesn%26#039;t matter what it is.

super nanny

How do you like my outfit for a casual pottery birthday party?

Green with flowers baby doll top, over a light blue teeshirt,

jeans... lol im bor3dd

How do you like my outfit for a casual pottery birthday party?
i agree, is the baby doll shirt like, BOLD.?

or is it just casual?

it depends on what your going for..
Reply:light blue with green??
Reply:I think it will be cute but can%26#039;t imagine it well send pic!
Reply:make sure you wear an apron. why wear a baby doll shirt over a teeshirt?

skin disease